An urgent appeal to revise the constitution through a constituent assembly

By LCP Secretariat
January 25, 2018 - Quezon City

As the mandated association of 145 cities across the country, the League of Cities of the Philippines believes that it is high time to amend the Constitution for the benefit of 40 million Filipinos residing in cities.


By way of referendum on January 24, 2018, the League adopted a resolution urging Congress to revise the Philippine Constitution through a Constituent Assembly.
RESOLUTION NO. 2018 - 01



WHEREAS, while local autonomy is guaranteed under the present Constitution, powers remain with the national government and the League of Cities of the Philippines believes that the present government structure, where policy-making and implementation are highly centralized, has become less responsive to the needs of local government units;

WHEREAS, despite the passage of the Local Government Code of 1991, which provides for the shared and devolved powers between national and local governments, the system of government remains highly centralized and unitary thereby, highlighting the differences rather than similarities of every Filipino;

WHEREAS, the proposal to create a Bangsamaro state can only be supported under a federal government, which can address the concerns of separatists demanding autonomy over the administration of Muslim Mindanao;

WHEREAS, in light of the current discourse on Federalism, the proposed shift to a federal form of government from a unitary system requires a substantial change to the 1987 Constitution;

WHEREAS, the League of Cities of the Philippines, the mandated association of 145 cities across the country believes that it is high time to amend the Constitution for the benefit of 40 million Filipinos residing in cities;

WHEREAS, with deference to the constitutionally conferred power of Congress pursuant to Section 1, Paragraph 1 of Article XVII of the Constitution, to convene itself as a Constituent Assembly for the purpose of amending and revising the Constitution, the League expresses its assent and trusts that this is the most practical, swiftest, and inexpensive method of amending the charter;

WHEREAS, regardless of the method to amend or revise the Charter, the sovereign will of the Filipino people ultimately prevails whether to accept and adopt the same in a plebiscite or referendum and the overwhelming mandate given by the Filipino people to our President in the last elections and in the latest SWS survey is a strong testament of the people's desire for genuine change and therefore should be respected;

WHEREAS, following the principle of subsidiarity which provides that political decisions are better taken at the local level rather than by a central authority, cities, being the closest to the people, can better articulate the sentiments of every Filipino;

WHEREAS, the League strongly believes that the country is at a critical juncture to effect and realize genuine change;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved that the League of Cities of the Philippines urgently appeals to both Houses of Congress to revise the
Constitution through a Constituent Assembly;

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the League supports the inclusion of transitory provisions that guarantee a smooth transition from unitary to federal form of government as
warranted by law and democratic principles.

ADOPTED by way of REFERENDUM on 24th day of January 2018.


Balanga City
Secretary General




Angeles City
National President   


Taguig City
National Chairperson


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