Guidelines on the Registration of Agricultural and Fisheries Machinery and Equipment by the LGUs

By LCP Secretariat
February 16, 2016

Reference No. (2016-02-006)

FROM : Eduardo R. Soliman, Jr.
Executive Director
RE : Guidelines on the Registration of Agricultural and Fisheries Machinery and Equipment by the LGUs
DATE: February 16, 2016



Pursuant to Sec. 19 of RA 10601 (AFMech Law), the Secretary of Agriculture shall promulgate national guidelines and procedures for the registration of agriculture and fisheries machinery by the LGUs, including the collection of registration fees in accordance with the Local Government Code.

After the consultation process, they have come up with the draft national guidelines and procedures. Please click here to download a copy of the draft guidelines.

In view of this, we would like to request from your cities particularly those in-charge of the registration of the said machinery and equipment to provide us some inputs or comments relative to the draft guidelines so that we can consolidate the same before we submit our comments to the Philippine Council for Agriculture & Fisheries especially if there are clarifications or areas of concern.

For any inquiries, please contact Ms. Veron Hitosis at mobile phone no. 0917.816.9546 and telephone numbers 02-4706837 / 470-6813.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Eduardo R. Soliman, Jr.
Executve Director

Click here to download Draft Guidelines on the Registration of Agricultural and Fisheries Machinery and Equipment by the Local Government Units (LGUs)

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